A World of Adventure Is Waiting!

Ever dreamed of finding a secret waterfall?  How about fishing in some of the most pristine hidden fishing holes?  Sportsman Deane does it all!  Follow him on his adventures around the world!

Arlen’s Great Kauai Adventure

Deane takes Arlen Meline from Virginia, one of his buddies from Viet Nam days to Kokee stream. Trout Unlimited is in the process of stream restoration, Arlen gives us a helping hand. – The next day we go  to explore  a secret  sea cave full of Green Sea turtles.  – this is his adventure.

Hiking Honopu Ridge Trail

Deane hikes a trail not in the tourist guide books with his friends Arlen and Dennis. 

See the Na Pali cliffs from a slightly different prospective. Hope your not afraid of heights.

Kawaikoi Stream - Kauai-Record Rainbow Trout

Deane has been fishing Kawaikoi Stream on Kauai, up in Kokee area for over 50 years. He has caught a lot of beautiful Rainbow trout in this stream but this time was special.  Deane hooks into a 4.7 lb. Rainbow Trout , lands AND releases it back into the stream.  If you want to see a BIG Kauai Rainbow – this is it.

Montana - Fishing for Big Trout

Sportsman Deane takes out Trout Unlimited group from Honolulu  to the great state of Montana.  Here we  travel the state, fish the Big Horn, Yellowstone, Firehole, and many other picture perfect wild Trout Streams.  We even do a “Pack-in” to the 2nd.   Meadow on Slough Creek where few have fished before.  This video is full of wildlife encounters and my wife even beats me catching the largest Cutthroat Trout !  Imagine that !  This adventure was a little different for us Hawaiians.  We were out of our element but loved it !

Queen Emma Hula Festival

Every  November in Kokee State Park on Kauai, the Queen Emma Hula Festival is held to remember this beloved Hawaiian Queen ruled the Hawaiian Islands in the 1800’s.

This is a VERY “Local” thing and even though it is open to Tourists – few know about  it.

Kauai iki – the Hawaiian chanter  that you see in this video is a friend of mine and requested I film the event for his Hawaiian Halau (dance group).