Lodging Information


Deane will be glad to advise you on your housing requirements depending on your needs.

In Waimea, at the bottom of the mountain at the Waimea plantation  cottages,  The Kokee Lodge in Kokee in Kokee State Park, or  private residence that have that "local"  touch.

Hiking Guide


Deane has been hiking the trails in Kokee State park since 1965.  He has even blazed a few of his own.  Many of the trails are NOT on the local "Trail guide for tourists map".  If your looking for quite, solitude, waterfalls, and vista views of the Waimea Canyons with out another person around Deane can take you there. Depending on your hiking ability, He  can personalize a hiking adventure for you., and he likes to specialize in Sr. Citizens ( he is 73) that have the will and desire to go "off the grid".

If only for a little while.

Fishing Guide

Fishing Tours Hawaii

Fishing for Small Mouth Bass on the Wailua river,  How about 10 to 15 lb. Bone fish on a 9 wt. at Anini Beach.

We do it all. It's like a one stop shop.

Each adventure, hiking, or  fishing is tailored to the individual.  Every adventure is a learning experience You will learn more about Kauai, the people, the culture, the environment, birds, plants and even the insect life .

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If you are seeking a once in a lifetime adventure, contact Sportsman Deane to discuss hiking, Fishing or for information about lodging.